Silhouette Cameo – Reusable Stencils from Plastic

When I tested what plastics the Sizzix Eclips can cut, I reported that Grafix .007 Clear Plastic Sheets and Wrights Brand REGULAR Thickness Quilting Plastic were my two favorites. (You can read about the Sizzix Eclips tests here.)

I decided to go back and test these two plastics on the Silhouette Cameo.

Grafix .007 Clear Plastic

Of the plastics I’ve tested, the Grafix .007 plastic is my favorite for making stencils.  It is crystal clear with no tint or murkiness.  For a very thin plastic sheet, it is quite durable.  I cut it on the Silhouette Cameo using the following settings:  blade 3; speed 1; thickness 24; single pass. In the video, you can see how cleanly it cuts.



The doily I was able to cut has a 4-inch diameter.  I rubbed some Tim Holtz distress stain on it to make it visible, since the plastic is completely clear.

Silhoutte Cameo and Grafix Plastic

Wrights REGULAR THICKNESS Quilter’s Plastic (not the extra thick!)

The Wrights Regular Weight Quilter’s Plastic is a little murky so it is usable for stencils, but not ideal for page overlays.  It breaks a little more easily than the Grafix .007 plastic, and this is why it is my second choice for making stencils.  It is still totally usable for stencil-making though, especially if the stencils you are making are not small and delicate.

Wrights REGULAR WEIGHT Quilter’s Plastic comes in both a plain version, and a version with a grid printed on it.  These two versions are the same thickness and both can be cut in the Silhouette Cameo.

silhouette cameo review plastic 2


Other Plastics

I tested three other plastic sheets with the Sizzix Eclips:  Ingil’s Quilter’s Plastic, Wrights Extra Thick Quilters Plastic, and Bazzill Plastic Paper .020. (Bazzill also makes a .007 Plastic Paper.)

I was able to cut the Ingil’s in the Sizzix Eclips, but needed to do a double cut.  Since the Sizzix Eclips is rated to cut thicker materials than the Silhouette Cameo, I hesitate to test it in my Cameo.

The other two plastics that I tested in the Sizzix Eclips, the Wrights Extra Thick and the Bazzill Plastic Paper .020, did not cut well in the Sizzix Eclips, so I know that they will not cut in the Silhouette Cameo.


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